Preview of 49ers vs Eagles NFC Championship Game ’23

The 49ers have an identical record and this will probably be the best team they will face before reaching the super bowl. If the Eagles beat 49ers they will only be reaching their second super bowl in franchise history. They are many key questions to ask like hoping QB Hurts doesn’t get injuried. I think the key players will include Hurts, A.J. Brown and wide receiver Smith to get the Eagles moving against the 49ers. A good running attack also may help the Eagles if they can give the ball to running back Miles Sanders. The Eagles defense may want to contain the running attack of 49ers to be able win the game as well. What wins championships in the NFL can be having a good defense and an offense that scores points consistently. It’s touchdowns not field goals that win championship games.

Easy Win For Eagles Over Giants 38-7 In Playoffs ’23

I thought Giants would have made it a closer game. Eagles jumped off to a quick 21-0 lead in first half and never looked back. This game was surprisingly an easy win as Giants didn’t show up. QB Hurts led the way with three touchdowns as Eagles crushed the Giants for the third time. The Eagles last year lost a playoff game but came back in 2023 giving Eagles’ fans something to cheer about. It looks like the 2023 Philadelphia Eagles could be headed back to the super bowl. Also, is Jalen Hurts an MVP candidate in the NFL. Go Eagles!

Preview Eagles VS Giants Divisional Playoff Game ’23

Head coach Sirianni led Eagles to a franchise record of 14-3. I feel it will be a challenge for Eagles in beating Giants for the third time. I look for wide receivers A.J. Brown & Smith who each had over 1,000 yards play a key role in the offense tonight. Eagles throughout regular season were amazing competitors and QB Hurts had historic season while getting injuried. This edition of Eagles played well together and really proved they could be teammates to win tough games. This is a pivotal game for Eagles to win if they are going to reach the super bowl for second time in team history. Last time Eagles were in super bowl Nick Foles was QB while beating Tom Brady and Patriots. I think Eagles may win and defeat Giants for third time. Let’s hope so anyway!

Picture of Friend of Jerry Blavat!&&p=1cbcdc69acda1c9eJmltdHM9MTY3NDE3MjgwMCZpZ3VpZD0wYWM1YTQxYi0zMmFjLTYwNTEtMWY2Ny1hOTIyMzM1MTYxNDgmaW5zaWQ9NTIwNg&ptn=3&hsh=3&fclid=0ac5a41b-32ac-6051-1f67-a92233516148&u=a1L3ZpZGVvcy9zZWFyY2g_cT1qZXJyeStibGF2YXQrZGVhZCthdCs4Mit5b3V0dWJlJnJlZmlnPWVhYjJiNTIyMTE0MTQ4Mjg5Mzk5ZjljOWM1NzNmMjk0JnJ1PSUyZnNlYXJjaCUzZnElM2RqZXJyeSUyYmJsYXZhdCUyYmRlYWQlMmJhdCUyYjgyJTJieW91dHViZSUyNmZvcm0lM2RBTk5USDElMjZyZWZpZyUzZGVhYjJiNTIyMTE0MTQ4Mjg5Mzk5ZjljOWM1NzNmMjk0JnZpZXc9ZGV0YWlsJm1tc2NuPXZ3cmMmbWlkPTdDOEVDMkU4RjNCMEJERjVCRjQ0N0M4RUMyRThGM0IwQkRGNUJGNDQmRk9STT1XUlZPUkM&ntb=1

R.I.P. Jerry Blavat dead at 82.

Properties of Chief Architect Saxon, Jr. Ann Arbor, MI ’23

In Ann Arbor, MI my older brother currently working on these houses for families

to purchase. Ann Arbor and Detroit there are many houses to be fixed for people to either rent or own.

While on vacation over the holiday and celebrating the new year I looked at my brother’s work

on these houses. It’s important that we show concern for how our properties should look for new home owners in big cities.